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koji berry

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dream profession

If you have no worries about money and life, what profession are you going to choose?

Mine will include being an artist. A painter and playwright.
Today I read a piece of Anne Truitt's Daybook where she describes her daily life living in an artist community. She would woke up early, and work the whole day till dinner time. The work is only interrupted by the walk she did to pick up meals served by the community. She answer her letters at the evening before sleep.

This sound very romantic. Oh how I long to be able to work on one thing the whole day without being disturbed by house chores, groceries, and cooking! No emails and phones! I am an einzelg√§nger and I adore solitude.

It is easy to say that during my unemployment time, I could do such thing. But that is not true -  being between two jobs means being continuously alert if there is an vacancy that needs to be applied or a call from an agent asking if I was interesting in a job there-and-there. And dealing with the pressure and continuous question of whether I should take another similar job as the last one.

My worries of being an artist is 1) I am good in science and I feel that it is my obligation to use it for the greater good. I might be less useful if I was an artist. 2) I am not sure if I am good enough.

I actually wants to be a freelance researcher -  the one who works at home and delivers results, just like an artist with her commissioned work. But my field requires lab and expensive software, and the skills are difficult to develop without a proper laboratory/industrial environment.

Well, I will keep it in my heart. My focus now is on how to keep producing arts, focusing on illustration, amidst the other work of saving the world.

For further read on finding your calling, I recommend the book from Roman Krznarik, How to find a fulfilling job.

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