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koji berry

Friday, October 10, 2014

A paid day-job!

Yaayyy!!! I have a paid job!
My agent called me today at 5 pm to say that the research institute finally has made up her mind and agrees to spare some budget for me. The institute has left me hanging in there for a while.

It is a job in research about energy from wood gasification. This was not my first choice of research topic, but maybe other topics I like will not serve "the highest good". It is superstitious, I know.

This morning I chatted with an ex-colleague who worked at a company I applied for a while ago. I asked if there might be a position available. She said that she is not happy there and thinking seriously of leaving. She was sad because she might have to leave the country. And I was jealous on her!

Then I posted a request for "intention avalanche" on my facebook page. It is like a joint-intentions for people who struggle with their lives, unbeknownst to us.

To conclude the day:
Take a deep, long breath. Do not rush. Life is a marathon.

The prestigious companies with their beautiful labs are maybe not as shiny as they look like.

If people hurt you by their well-meant advice, critics, and pity, just smile and erase their words from your head as soon as possible. Forgive them. It takes wisdom to understand someone's pain, and most people are simply not capable to do so.

And even if people might hurt you, keep on communicating with friends because they might need your help. You are not the only person with problems.

Stay healthy and sane. Exercise and meditate. If everything else falls apart, at least we are fit enough to keep on moving.

May the force be with you.

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